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This questionnaire (the AUDIT) is reprinted with permission from the World Health Organization. To reflect drink serving sizes in the United States (14g of pure alcohol), the number of drinks in question 3 was changed from 6 to 5. A free AUDIT manual with guidelines for use in primary care settings is available online at

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Using the assist short form for Evaluating an Information Technology Application: Validity and Reliability Issues Carol A. Speth, Deana M. Namuth, and Donald J. Lee. in questionnaires measuring self-concept, and who considered reliabilities of 0.69 to 0.77 accept-able.

Your first role is to plan your program, from determining goals to choosing your screener. Once your plan is in place, train and support your staff on every step of screening, including engaging parents, communicating results sensitively, and connecting families with community resources for referral.

Administration Format: Paper-and-pencil. Scoring Options: ASSIST Software. hand-scoring. Scores / Interpretation: T scores and percentiles based on a general.

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Make the most of your time and budget with user-friendly options for data management and online questionnaire completion. ASQ Online will help slash paperwork time through streamlined data management processes, eliminate the cost of photocopying and mailing questionnaires, and ensure accuracy with automated scoring and questionnaire selection.

ASSIST QUESTIONNAIRE a Client ID: o-ol ic s d. e e. s f. ive a g.-s h. in i. s j. y 1. In your life, which of the following substance(s) have you ever used? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2. In the past three months, how often have you used the substances you mentioned? N EVER ONCE OR TWICE MONTHLY WEEKLY DAILY OR ALMOST DAILY

CAGE-AID – Overview The CAGE-AID is a conjoint questionnaire where the focus of each item of the CAGE questionnaire was expanded from alcohol alone to include alcohol and other drugs. Clinical utility potential advantage is to screen for alcohol and drug problems conjointly rather than separately. Scoring

ASSIST (Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test) The world health organization (WHO) Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) is a questionnaire that screens for all levels of problem or risky substance use in adults.

HUD Form 4730 – Federal Labor Standards questionnaire. fund shp sro Title V Program – Federal Surplus Property for Use To Assist the Homeless.

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